Food Security

Nanditha Krishnan | October 22, 2021

Millions of American families struggle with food insecurity, the threat of hunger looming over them. Especially during the pandemic, far too many households are battling with not having enough to eat.

The last year has brought closer to attention the health and economic inequities within Black, Latino, and Native American communities in the United States. Food insecurity is an economic issue that will continue to determine the health and well-being of those without access to culturally and socially relevant health care.

The effects of hunger are more than just physical too, affecting the psychology and growth of young children and families. A toddler clings to an apple because fresh food is far and few.

How do we feed these families and piece together assistance for their health? How do we prevent food insecurity from becoming the norm?

Let us know what your own story with food is, what role does food play in your life? Share your thoughts on this issue with the community in the comments below!