6 Healthier Choices You Can Make at Family Gatherings

Being healthier doesn’t mean you have to miss out on special events and family gatherings. Making small and sustainable changes in your life will help you live a healthier life while spending valuab

Smoothie Bowl

Fresh and delicious, smoothie bowls are the perfect summer breakfast! They can be customized with all your favorite toppings and take less than 10 minutes to make. This simple strawberry and banana sm

Barley Soup

This barley soup recipe is packed with flavor and easy to make! Like a stew, this soup is full of healthy veggies, beans, and a little simmering brings out a hearty dish everyone will love. The recipe

Couscous Salad

This couscous salad recipe with black beans is the perfect balance of fresh vegetables and filling couscous. Completely vegetarian, this salad is light and satisfying,

Indian Rice (Pulao)

Light and flavorful, Indian Pulao is a fluffy rice dish packed with fresh spices and vegetables. This one-pot recipe is one of the most common vegetarian dishes found i

Food Security

Millions of American families struggle with food insecurity, the threat of hunger looming over them. Especially during the pandemic, far too many households are battling with not having enough to eat.