Take Action

Thank you for your interest in the ¡Más! Fresco More Fresh Program. With the help of community members and partners across Southern California and beyond, we are working to increase access to healthy food for all. This work will help increase food security and health equity for all community members in the region. Your support  towards achieving these goals is greatly appreciated.


The ¡Más Fresco! More Fresh Program is working with community-based organizations across Southern California to increase the purchase and consumption of fresh fruits and vegetables for better health. We are also collaborating with community partners to engage and support community members, particularly CalFresh recipients, in adopting healthy eating and active living (physical activity) behaviors conducive to optimal health and well-being. We very much welcome the opportunity to partner with your organization to better support the community members that we collectively serve.

Interns & Volunteers

The ¡Más Fresco! More Fresh Program provides students and volunteers with experiential learning opportunities, including the opportunity to collaborate with food-system and health-system partners and community members in the development, implementation, promotion, and evaluation of a model nutrition incentive program aimed at enhancing food security and health equity for all community members.   

CONTACT US: For more information on the ¡Más! Fresco More Fresh Program intern and volunteer opportunities, please contact us at morefresh@ucsd.edu.